Sunday, 8 March 2009

Inventor required

I have a mission for anyone who is a gardener/inventor.

My basil continually suffers from white fly infestations. I usually spray it with a garlic and pyrethrum spray every few days, but the little buggers are impossible to get rid of because they lurk on the underside of the foilage - and spraying stuff on them from above doesn't get to where they lurk. The only effective way to spray under the leaves is to pick up the pot of basil, lay it down on one side and then spray under the leaves. I generally have to put it on each side and spray four times all up to get under every leaf.

This is a problem if the plant is actually in the ground in the garden, rather than in a pot.

I have a solution. I need a crafty person to come up with a spray nozzle somewhat like a bottle of Toilet Duck - the idea being that you can spray under the leaves without having to tilt the plant over.

I'm prepared to split the royalties 50/50.


Keith B. said...

If you are only ever using the bottle upside down you can just cut the internal plastic tube real short and it will work in it's current form.

Other wise if you have a spare empty container just cut the tube on that and pour some of the liquid into it.

kae said...

I have a 15L back pack... I can spray anwhere I like. I've even got an attachment with TWO nozzles...

WV: procula: Drac's cousin.

Anonymous said...

As Kae implied, it's already been invented, boab. (See Hills Garden Sprayers in Google, one of many)
But, of course, I am only one of the 'groundstaff' you dissed a few days ago, "Scruffy Ragamuffins" I think we were called.
I do like your blog and I read it almost daily, but you have to be careful about who gets in your sights, then again, maybe you don't care and I am being thin-skinned.

Anyway, please don't imply all professional gardeners should be lumped into that category.

Boy on a bike said...

I was not implying that gardeners were scruffy - I was complaining about the teachers. Most gardeners are neater and better dressed than teachers, who spend all day indoors. At least gardeners wear a uniform of sorts, even if it is just matching Yakka shirt and shorts, and a fresh set of duds is donned each day. Gardeners look fit and tanned and together, whereas many teachers look like they just fell out of a cement mixer full of rags.

Anonymous said...

Yep, fair point, we are, but I prefer King Gee myself, they're much more comfortable :)
Where I work, most of the gardeners take a bit of pride in their appearance, as opposed to some of the other workers :(
Enough said about teachers !