Saturday, 28 March 2009

More yartz in the parks

I normally ride through Homebush rather than around it. It's a nice place to go through, but I have never seen much point in just going round and around the same place, lap after lap. For some reason, that seemed like a reasonable thing to do this morning - plenty of other people were doing it, so I joined the herd and went round and round and round. Unlike most of the others, I stopped and had a look at anything that looked remotely interesting during each circuit.

This is the only thing worth commenting on - a large yartz installation near the Avenue of Debt. Read all about it here:

And here is it. A walkway into a swamp, with a pathetic artificial waterfall to one side.

There are three lines of polished poles like this.

Like giant nit combs.

That's the walkway on the right of this picture.

Here is the Avenue of Debt - the monuments built for the 2000 Olympics. Thanks to these, the state has been unable to pay for a decent hospital, school, dam, power station, port or road since.

The Toxic Waste Dump Hill. Homebush used to be an incredibly polluted industrial site, and it cost a large fortune to clean it to the point where humans could walk across the landscape without wearing suits like an extra in the X-Files. I think this hill is made of spoil. That tiny little dot on the left hand slope is a jogger puffing down the hill.

There she goes. What sort of lunatic gets up early on Satruday morning and exercises?

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