Monday, 23 March 2009

Monday ride

Tried to go early again, got distracted by nappies and other kiddie duties. Amazing how active a young fellow can be at 5am.

Took an interesting turn, became geographically challenged, and ended up slogging up and up and up a lot of hills. They never seemed to go down. Legs actually worked, which was a big surprise. I expected to be stiff and wobbly, but suffered nothing of the sort. Got home absolutely lathered in sweat (30 degrees out there, no breeze) with exactly 175km on the clock for the week. I will be happy when my pants start falling down, which is what happened last time I did a lot of miles. It's even better when you need to punch some new holes in the belt. Riding does that to the paunch.

Thinking about a rest day tomorrow before resetting the odometer on Wed morning (yes, it is an odd day to start the riding week on, but that is my business, so bash it up your date if you're not happy).

Somehow struggled through the afternoon without a nanna-nap. Almost lay down in a furniture store on an ottoman and went to sleep. The only thing that kept me awake was watching the Monkey "stress test" a nearby sofa.

The ride was actually very, very good. The hills were a bit nasty, but nothing over the top. I was pleasantly surprised that I could surmount them without regurgitating my lungs or spleen at the top. That must be a good sign.

As far as tans go, I have lovely brown arms, white hands and brown finger tips (the result of fingerless gloves). My knees are very brown. The rest of me makes an albino look like George Hamilton. Or a lycra covered egg.

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