Saturday 28 March 2009


Given a choice between riding down a three lane highway high trucks flying past an inch off my elbow, and cruising down narrow tree-fringed lanes out of earshot of all things petrol driven, I'll usually take the option offering the most greenery. It's more fun - if you are careful, you may get to see a greenie rooting a tree.

So this is one of the places at Homebush where I went riding this morning. I rarely ride through this area, preferring to just zip through Homebush for points further west. I have this mental thing where if I am on my bike, I want to go somewhere. I don't care where that somewhere is, I just want to go there and then get home. Going past the same place again and again and again holds little appeal, but that is what many Homebush riders do. The place is laid out in a huge circle, and they just ride round and round and round, like hamsters in a cage.

But I flipped a mental switch today and did the hamster thing, and as a result, I got to check out some frogs. Actually, I didn't see or hear a single frog, but I did get to check out a sign about frogs. And the swamp that they live in.

There we go; nice green swamp. From a distance, I thought that lush, green mat was grass. Silly me.

The swamp was home to plenty of bird life.

The bird life spent most of its time showing me their bums. Is that what bird watchers do all day? Look at bird bums?

This is what happens when a duck does a duck dive. Ripples. I did see the duck swimming along underwater, which is not something that you get to see that often. You need to be right above them with the light in the right place. Normally, when it comes to ducks, the only light I see them with is the oven light, but this was nice.

There you have it. Non-existent frogs. Ducks that don't want to be photographed and swan's bums. That's what you get for crawling out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

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