Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Another day, another dose of ABC bias

I managed to empty the iPod of podcasts before setting out for work today, leaving me stuck with listening to Triple J for the commute.

At 9am, the news arrived, and whilst I normally tune out their left-of-left-of-centre views, I was stunned when the newsreader gleefully announced that Obama had "lavished praise" on the wax gobbler. I can only imagine that the scene was indeed reminiscent of the special olympics, with two economic retards hugging each other and then fighting over who had the biggest stimulus package.

The truly amazing thing was that the ABC was so supportive of the idea of a US President being nice to an Australian PM. When Bush said nice things to Howard, the ABC adopted a funereal tone suitable for the Adams Family and proceeded to promote the idea that it was electoral suicide to be patted on the back by the Most Powerful Man in the World. I also seem to recall a phrase along the line of "conga line of suck holes" to denote this relationship.

The ABC newsreader sounded fit to burst. I thought she was going to start crying tears of joy at the fact that Krudd had been annointed and blessed by the presence of The One.

I really am a crap artist.

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Anonymous said...

I complain and complain to the ABC regarding the bias and they do nothing! At some point in time we need to organise a class action suit against the ABC to force an even handed presentation of all programming both on-line, TV and radio! As the public broadcaster they did to be brought to account for their crappy approach to news and current affairs!