Friday, 27 March 2009

Path open to traffic

I suited up for a ride this morning, then stuck my head outside and discovered that it was raining. Well, not really raining. More like sprinkling, but there was a bit of wind as well. Not the most pleasant combination at times.

Then I thought, a bit of rain and wind never killed anyone.

Unless you believe the story about Noah and the flood, where rain killed almost everyone. Or Hurricane Katrina, where incompetent Democrat windbags killed thousands of people.

By the time I finished my internal debate, the rain had stopped and the air had stilled. It was time to go. I only need to ride about one kilometre before I have warmed up slightly, and once the surface chill leaves my skin, I can ride through anything - hail, squalls, plagues of pelicans. The trick is to find the gap in the weather that allows you to leave and put just enough cranks through the pedals to warm sufficiently.

I left at a stupid time yesterday - morning peak hour. I thought because I was heading west, the traffic would not be that bad.

Stupid me.

It was awful.

Today, I left around lunchtime. Traffic was very light, the ride was great. I decided to see how the new path around the bay was going, and this is what I found - a newly opened path!

I must have been almost the first person on it, because as I went around the corner, I found that the entire road was blocked off, and there was a crew loading fencing onto a truck. The fencing must have come down shortly before I arrived.

Is it any good?

Width and curvature is good, but the surface is lumpier than Admiral Adama's face.

I was partly expecting to go around this corner and find myself riding through a ribbon cutting ceremony ribbon in the spirit of Francis de Groot.

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