Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Einfeld's epic fail

Apart from lying through his teeth in an attempt to avoid a paltry $77 fine, Einfeld was a goose of the first order for getting pinged by this radar trap in Macpherson Road, Mosman (assuming he was caught by the fixed radar trap near the school). The SMH covers how he was taken down in this story. I know that this is not all the info that they had, as a mate of mine was tangentially involved in gathering some of the data that the Police used. Let's just say that they knew a very long time ago that he had lied, lied and lied again.

His car was then nabbed by the speed camera at Macpherson Street, Mosman, before it moved on to the Harbour Bridge where police were able to identify it had tripped the e-tag toll at lane 14.

This is the view coming from Balmoral and heading towards Cremorne on Ourimbah Rd, which turns hard right into Macpherson. The RTA very kindly erected not one, not two, but three warning signs along this stretch to let motorists know that there is a fixed radar trap just down the road. Here is warning sign number 1:

A few hundred metres later, here is number 2:

When you turn into Macpherson, here is number 3 (and the road is very steep, so you really have to plant it to exceed the speed limit on this stretch):

And here is the speed camera gizmo itself, which is not exactly hidden away. In fact, you can see it in the above photo (marked with the second arrow). Even if the signs were not here, an observant person would still see the radar trap.

Look what Google picked up - must be one of Einfeld's mates, yakking on the phone as they are driving.

Anyway, given what you now know, I think we can class this as another EPIC FAIL.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Marcus was around much to long and saw himself as a judge above the law, like most lawyers, judges and magistrates in Australia.

The arrogance and stupidity of this man is beyond comprehension! He was very lucky to just get 2 yrs. It's to bad we don't have Gulags here.