Sunday 22 March 2009

Are you old enough to remember this?

The TV that I remember from my childhood was much like this, except ours had a much fancier cabinet. The vertical hold had to be fiddled with everytime it was turned on, without exception.

And check out the furniture to go with it!


kae said...

Arrgh! I remember that.
Every time dad decided to fiddle with the vertial hold or whatever he'd get the old dresser mirror he'd kept for that specific purpose and set it up so he could see the reflection of the tv as he fiddled.
Drove the rest of the family insane as he ALWAYS did it just before something was on that we wanted to watch.

WV: ridin - more appropriate for the thread after this, huh?

kae said...

Oh, have to use this WV.

stealt = steal it, which is what happens to a lot of the junk deposited for council collection!