Monday, 16 March 2009

Real estate news

Apparently 1 in 4 homes in Mosman is on the market - not that the streets are full of "for sale" signs, you understand. But if you ask an agent to show you some properties in an area, they can show you tons.

I might go and see for myself, but the other gossip is that at 10am on a weekday, the supermarkets are full of 40 year old dads pushing prams. They used to be stockbrokers and merchant bankers and other masters of the universe. Now they are living on their redundancy payout, wondering what to do next, and what size nappies they are supposed to be buying.


Kaboom said...

BOAB, a mate of mine from Nth Qld e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago, and stated the following regarding [redacted], a University colleague of ours, who ended up being a high-flyer, to the extent of proudly displaying an Enron business card some years back.

He is now back in Australia, and this is what my mate related:

"I went to Sydney to see the Top Gear Live show a few weeks ago- that was a hoot!
Stayed with [redacted] & his family- they are all well though the high flyers around Sydney are pretty shattered with the worlds financial woes. [redacted] was saying London is worst hit- you can get a 6 month old Aston Martin for under 50 K ( pounds) - not bad when they were 150+ this time last year! He reckons at least half of the North Shore in Sydney are either in default on their mortgages, or already bankrupt."

None too pretty.

M said...

Plenty of dads on the school pick up run these days.

Anonymous said...

The real estate market in Toronto has been going down the drain also. In February 2008 we had 6,015 sales and in the February of this year we had 4,120 sales, that's a -32% change. As a Toronto Realtor I can see the dicrease of profits daily and I pray every day for this crisis to end.

Take care, Elli

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this morning charities are getting the benefit of some highly qualified and experienced business managers as volunteers these days!