Monday, 16 March 2009

Don't put chocolate in the washing machine

When I went riding earlier in the week, I put a slab of chocolate into the back pocket of my jersey - something to keep me going when the energy levels started to sag 30km from home. It didn't melt, as it was good quality 70% Lindt chocolate, but I did manage to smash it up by crushing it between the seat and my back when I waited at traffic lights (it's a long jersey, so the pockets sit further down my bum than my regular jerseys). I ate most of it, but a few chunks remained in the pocket when the jersey went into the machine later that night.

When I went to pull the jersey on yesterday, I found a few chunks were still in the pocket. They were still edible, as I discovered (why waste good quality chocolate?), and in good shape (since I wash in cold water). But I wouldn't recommend it. I know we are always told to wash our fruit and vegetables before eating them, but putting chocolate in the wash is probably taking it a bit far.


Blognor Regis said...

A chap in my club is a chocolate maker:

I take a Nutrigrain or banana out on the bike myself.

Anonymous said...

One of my son's is an apprentice electrician and regardless of how often one reminds him he doesn't empty all his pockets of the day's gatherings. Hence when one opens the washing machine to remove the clothes, the little rubber runner and groove at the front is full of screws, washers and coins. Fortunately they haven't made their way into the inner workings of the machine. But if you hear a loud yell..... Mehaul.