Monday, 30 March 2009

Islam - it's a gas, gas, gas

How's this for a spot of graffiti? "Free gas palastine jews" (sic).

I decided to zip down the Cooks River cyclepath yesterday, even though I know that it is closed partway down. Normally, on a nice day, I'd ride all the way to the airport, but I didn't have a lot of time in between dawn and family things to do, so I was happy to ride to where the path is ripped up and do a U turn.

I normally don't pay much attention to graffiti, although this area is full of it. I tune it out. However, I spotted this bit just after doing my U-turn. I think the U-turn disrupted the normal harmony of my cycling universe, and I started seeing things that I don't normally look out for.

This was on a building at the back of Lees Park (I think that is a race course) near the aptly named "Harmony St" in Ashbury. Just around the corner were more "free gas" scribblings. I didn't look any more than that - trying to decipher the random thoughts of adle-brained illiterate teens is not my thing. I was there to ride, not infect my brain with this sort of crap.

But there you have it.

What next for this suburb? Swastikas and broken glass?

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And so professional...