Sunday 22 March 2009

Sunday morning cricket

A series of photos taken between about 9am and 11am this morning. This first three were near Parramatta - there were three cricket grounds in a row, and each had a fairly casual game of cricket in progress. The fourth was a soccer field, and a fairly serious game of soccer was being undertaken there (no photo of that though).

The fourth photo is from Concord, where a much more serious game is underway - all players in white, umpires in proper uniforms and so on. Regardless of the sport, the level of organisation or the location, they were all making happy sounds. These were four active, upbeat groups of people. They were having fun.

Now for some comment.

In Parramatta, I did not see a single anglo face up and about before 10am. The cricketers were all from the sub-continent - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka - buggered if I know which country exactly, but they obviously came from that neck of the woods. The soccer players were all of African origin - and I don't mean loud-mouthed, Rolex wearing, Mercedes driving South Africa yarpie type Africans. I mean African Africans.

The only anglo presence was the trail of beer bottles alongside the path through these parks. I imagine that at night, the feckless dole-bludging, ugg-boot wearing slugathons come out to party and fight, whilst the guys in these photos are running restaurants, corner stores, fast food places and petrol stations. Lazy people do not get out of bed before 8am on Sunday to play cricket - that's what active people do. Lazy, good for nothing deros sleep in until 11am, regardless of the day of the week, before sloping down to the pub for a smoke and a bit of pokie prodding, before ambling home for a take away pizza and re-runs of Big Brother.

Who would I rather live next to?

Give me a bunch of hard working Indians or Pakis any day of the week. Besides, fresh curry smells so much better than week old home delivered pizza.

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