Thursday, 12 March 2009

How does this help global warming?

Our batshit crazy state government wants to flush $156 million of our hard earned readies into the harbour by building a local version of the bridge to nowhere - a duplication of the Iron Cove Bridge.

If we are going to build infrastructure in order to drag us out of this apparant recession, at least let us build stuff that is useful. This stupid bridge won't do a bloody thing to alleviate traffic congestion on the way into the city because the main bottlenecks are elsewhere. It will simply become an 8 lane parking lot instead of a 5 lane parking lot.

On the one hand, we have loony governments at all levels telling us that the seas are going to rise, the world will come to an end and we'll all end badly unless we repent and reduce our CO2 output - and on the other hand, they want to put up a bridge that will simply attract more car traffic. They're trying to justify it by saying that bus transit times will improve, but face it, only losers catch the bus. Everyone else drives (unless you happen to live in one of those scarce localities where catching the bus actually makes economic and personal sense - out here, it is an invitation to join a slow moving sauna full of fat women who shower once a week and spend the rest of the week talking loudly on their mobile phones.

The first thing a person does when they get rich is to buy a Rolls, and if they get filthy rich, they get a chauffer. Who wants to travel by bus? Certainly not our local politicians, who voted themselves large car allowances so that they could all afford the latest Land Cruiser or Statesman.

To further the lunacy, we have a fuckface for a Lord Mayor. Her idea of the perfect city is one without cars. Think Samaria, 300BC. Everyone walking, the odd donkey having a root behind the well. Lots of sandals. And beards. And donkey shit.

As much as I like my bike, I love my car. I love the freedom that the internal combustion brings. I embrace it wholeheartedly, and without any twinge of guilt. When I see a twat driving a large BMW or Mercedes with a Greenfleet sticker, or some other such rubbish attached to it, I loudly desire that car to disappear in a ball of flame. Being wealthy means doing away with inconveniences and discomforts. Enjoy your wealth. Give thanks that our ancestors worked so bloody hard, and invented so many things that have removed so much of the drudgery from our existance. Those things run on coal and oil, and they do so because those sources of energy are cheap enough to make things cheap enough to remove the greatest amount of drudgery from the largest number of people. Oil is a great thing! It is a marvelous thing! Rejoice that we have billions of barrels of the stuff available to set fire to.

But back to fuckface, the Lord Mayor. She's doing her best to make parking in the city an utter misery. She wants you to walk, ride or take the train - anything but convey yourself with comfort and ease and a 10 speaker Bose surround sound system to the office. So why is the stupid state government building a bridge that will dump even more cars into a city that doesn't want them? If Clover Twatbrain had her way, she'd attach some beehive charges to the Iron Cove Bridge and drop half of it into the harbour. Then you could add the option of swimming to work as well.

So, in summary, we're going to have thousands of additional cars idling in a many mile long traffic jam every morning, with all those cars heading to a city without parking spots. A city that will soon be drowned thanks to global warming.

I can live with them building a new bridge. I really can. I like bridges, even if they are useless and expensive. I won't be happy with the waste of money, but when you think about it, those stupid lefties would just give it to crack smoking wastoids if they didn't spend it on concrete; and I prefer concrete. I really prefer wastoids covered in several feet of concrete. I just wish they'd throw up a few ugly as sin multi storey carparks in town while they're at it.


Anonymous said...

BOAB, Sydney is obviously doing your head in. Time to get out of there, away from the corruption and lunacy.

We don't put ourselves through the misery of the place anymore. Years of driving into the city from our little abode 2hrs north cured us forever. The F3, the tolls, the airport the sheer cost of it all finished us.

Now we drive 20mins to Williamtown, fly an hour to Brisbane or Melbourne for connections to wherever, saving half the cost of whatever we'd have spent in Sydney and the rest in sheer convenience.

Sydney now is one of the worst inconvenient cities in the southern hemisphere. The pity is, people who live and work there don't even realise how bad it is.

Anonymous said...

Inspect away Congestion! The city should toughen inspections for medical, psychiatric and vehicle reasons to cut down the number of congestion. This way, we will also get the voters against congestion pricing, who live in Bayside and Staten Island, to move away. Free health care means psychiatric care for all those angry talk radio white males!