Sunday, 25 November 2007

Victory is mine

Here we go - the odometer total after the Sunday morning ride. 10,034km. Not bad work.

I do wonder how much further the bike will go before it starts to have serious problems. I need to sit down with it this afternoon and give the chain and cogs and thorough degrease and re-lube, and the front deraileur has decided to stop working, so it probably needs to go to the shop to get that sorted. There may be a new bike somewhere in my near future.

Or perhaps two bikes. I really need a bike that I can just pop down to local locations on without having to put on the cleated shoes and the like. And something with panniers, so I can lug things around.

I can't lug the new kayak around on the bike though, so I had to spend $450 this morning on a set of roof racks for the Disco that are capable of carrying a kayak. How's that for luck - we get given a free kayak, and still need to spend a small fortune to be able to use it. But as they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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