Thursday, 29 November 2007

Reconcile this

Another bus tale (of sorts). There I am, doing my usual endless wait for the bus in town when I noticed something not quite right. I was outside World Square, leaning on the window of a very fancy perfume store. It's the sort of shop that doesn't have any price tags on the goods. If you need to ask the price, you can't afford it. I wait there every night, and the only people that go in are men wearing nice suits and well dressed women.

Except for the scruffy, dirty and very badly dressed Abo that walked in whilst I was waiting. He was carrying some sort of pamphlet, like a free brochure that they give out at travel agencies, and he was waving it around trying to get the attraction of the two women working there. I took one look at all this and thought, "Oh great, he's going to rob the place and I am standing right next to the doorway. I'm going to have to try and stop him if he was a go at these women."

Thankfully, they managed to fob him off without anything going wrong, and he took off up the street in a clearly agitated state. He was off his nut on something, and presumably didn't wash too often. As soon as he was clear of the store, one of the women grabbed a big bottle of perfume and sprayed a lot of it at the spot where he had been standing. The wrinkled up look of disgust on her face was something to behold.

I spotted the same guy a few minutes later - he was hassling pedestrians for money, and all were giving him a wide berth. He just looked like one wired up bundle of trouble.

The fun things you spot whilst waiting for a bus.

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