Sunday, 25 November 2007

A school I would not want my kids to attend

This is Orange Grove primary school. The fence just outside of this photo was plastered in posters from the Socialist Alliance and their ilk. They are still banging on about "no blood for oil" and "troops out of Iraq". Sheesh guys, get with it.

The school authorities seem to be happy with that sort of crap being stuck up on their property. Me - I'd be cleaning it off as soon as I saw it if I was in charge.

Looks like the bloody hippies are in the charge.

This cracks me up though. The school seems to be a dead-set hippy hangout, but there are 16 car parking spots for the teachers in the playground area.

I would have thought that if they really cared about the kids and the environment, they wouldn't drive to work, and they'd give the kids more space to run around in. After all, this is the inner city, and land is limited. Why use it for the parking of evil, evil, polar bear killing, blood for oil cars when the kids could run free?

The hypocrisy of inner-city luvvies knows no limit.

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