Saturday, 24 November 2007


I went past this pack of cyclists this morning. Well, cyclists plus one goose on a motorised scooter. Someone should knock his head off with a baseball bat. Noisy, stinky, useless bloody contrivances.

What annoyed me was the traffic lights. I have ridden down this street a dozen times or more, and the traffic lights never, ever change for me. I usually have to "run" the red at these lights in order to get across. They just refuse to acknowledge the presence of my bike.

But it noticed this lot. It might have had something to do with there being more of them, or perhaps they are using non-composite bikes that actually register on the magnetic loops under the road.

Whatever. This intersection sucks, and I hate them for getting favourable treatment from the traffic light controlling computer. I might have to set fire to it if it fails to obey me next time.

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