Monday, 26 November 2007

Dog shot 3 times in the head

Check this out. On page 3 of our local rag, there appears a big story about a pitbull cross being shot three times in the head. Two photos accompanied the story, both showing the said dog alive and well. Ok, maybe looking a bit sore, but definitely alive. It is not an ex-dog, or a dog that has ceased to be. It is a living, breathing dog.

How on earth does a dog get shot 3 times in the head and live to bark the tale?

Well, the "bullets" might have been shotgun pellets, and very light ones at that - birdshot for instance. Or it might have been shot with an underpowered pellet gun.

Frankly, I have no idea how you could shoot a dog in the head 3 times with a pellet gun. The dog would go mad after the first shot, and be jumping around so much, you wouldn't be able to put another two slugs into it. Common sense says it has been sprayed with a few rounds from a shotgun.

Just goes to show how little our local media actually knows about firearms. Makes you wonder whether these reporters know much about anything at all.

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