Sunday, 25 November 2007


I spotted a Prius as I was out riding this morning. I was so fascinated at seeing it, I just had to chase it and see what sort of people were driving it.

Personally, I don't see the point in the Prius. If you want good fuel economy, get a small diesel or a moped. Prius - pious piffle.

The Prius ended up parking at the local swimming pool. Two rather well groomed gentlemen got out and headed in for a swim.

The thing is, it looks like they didn't come very far. If they want to be green, why not walk to the pool or ride a bike? Buying a Prius so you can feel sanctimonious on the way to the pool is just just the pits.

You know what really drives sales of the Prius? People that don't want to catch the bus, which is the greenest way of getting around. They can be selfish and feel good about it.

Me - I don't give a crap. I happily drive a 4WD and feel zero guilt.

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