Monday, 26 November 2007

Idiocy on the roads

Trawling through the media releases on the Police website can be so much fun.

To start with, we have this idiot charged with avoiding paying tolls and all sorts of other traffic offences. He must have changed his number plate to a dodgy number to avoid paying anything. I am just amazed at the sort of stuff that people will pull. The economy is booming, most people are doing well and this idiot doesn't want to register or insure his car or pay tolls - and it's a VW Polo! I didn't think those cars were that cheap.

Then there is a contestant for the Darwin Award, busted doing 144kph in a 50 zone on a stretch of road not far from where I am now sitting. I've driven down that bit of road many times, and I am hard pressed to know how he got over 80 without bouncing out of his seat. All the main roads around here are constructed out of concrete slabs that were laid back in the 1960s (I am guessing here). Over the years, the slabs have sunk this way and that, just like your average footpath does after a while. The result is a road surface that is more akin to a rollercoaster than a thoroughfare designed for high speed transit. Everytime I drive down that road in the Disco, I pretty much get airborne in my seat as I go from peak to trough.

I could understand if he was practicing for Motocross, but I doubt that was the case. I reckon he's just a dickhead.

The hilarious thing is that about 2 years ago, the residents were in the paper complaining about mad speeders and the Police response was, "We know nothing about it". Well, I guess the evidence has finally crossed their desk, and they'll have to sit up and take notice.

What got me going through the police media files was another story in our local fishwrap about a robbery at a nearby KFC. The store was broken into as the staff were cleaning up, and the robbers got away in a 2006 BMW 325i owned by one of the staff.

Get that will you. A 2006 BMW owned by one of the staff.

Depending on the model, you could expect to pay up to $84,000 for one of these when new, and given that it was new only last year, I suspect this particular car was bought new.

What are the possibilities here?

It belonged to the owner of the store. Fair enough. You can make a motza out of selling deep fried fat.

It belonged to one of the staff. Now either young Spazzboy borrowed the car from Mummy, or KFC are paying fantastic wages these days, or this is a sign of why we are having a global credit meltdown. How the hell does someone working at KFC manage to borrow enough money to buy a new BMW?

Parramatta Road is lined with car dealerships that have lots overrun with repossesed cars, and most of those cars are hotted up one way or another. It's amazing how many bad credit risks our financial institutions will lend money to.

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Anonymous said...

not even!
the price range for one of those is 30K-37K thats not much considering its predecessor the mercedes c-class.