Sunday, 25 November 2007

Good real estate decision

When we were looking for a place to live, we had a look at this house in Drummoyne. It was nice a big, but backed onto the Gladesville Bridge approaches. That meant the price was only around $460 a week for a 4 or 5 bedroom place. We umm'd and ah'd about it, but what put us off in the end was that the agent faffed around like you wouldn't believe.

So we moved to Five Wog instead, and it's worked out well.

I had a squizz at the cars parked out the front this morning in order to get a feel for who might be renting there now.

The cars included:

- one busted-arse, rusted out Falcon ute with many, many dents. And a P plate.

One jacked up stupid 4WD of some sort. The sort of thing a P plater with no brains drives. The kind of thing that flips on its roof at the slightest provocation.

One rusted, beaten up Mercedes with missing trim - and a P plate.

Good decision, Mr Real Estate person. Choose four young males who only own beaten up, trashed cars as your new tenants. I'm sure they will treat your property better than their cars. And pay the rent on time etc etc etc.

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