Friday, 30 November 2007

On the road again

Did my first ride into work today since May. It's been too long. One thing about riding is that it gets you out of bed early. I was on the road before 7am, and in the office before 8. I've been staggering in around 9am lately, half knackered and not terribly impressed with the world in general, but I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. And up and running early.

Almost nothing has changed since May. Lilyfield Road has some green paint on it, and that's the only new thing. Apart from me being a little slower than normal. And the big cog refusing to change down from the top gear, which was very annoying. That kept my top speed down to 35kmh, since I couldn't use the big cog. I just can't go any faster than that without the big cog.

I've now used the showers in at least half a dozen buildings in town, and thankfully the new place has a nice setup. The water is warm, the pressure is good and the showers are clean and well ventilated and free of mould. That's a good change from the last few places I've worked. Even better, it has an area where you can hang your wet towel and manky clothes during the day, which is a first. Most offices might provide a shower, but they never go to the next step and think about where the users of that shower might want to put their wet clothes and smelly shoes and socks and things during the day.

Only downside is that the carpark does not have proper bike cages. I just have to lock the bike against a rail and hope that all the bits are there at the end of the day. And the ramp to the carpark sucks - it must have a 45 degree slope on it. The only way to get in and out safely is to get off the bike and walk it up or down the slope. But at least I'm riding, so I won't whinge too much.

The fun part of working in a new office is finding out how to get into the carpark. I had to go around the block to find the entry, which is off a back street and a tiny, unmarked laneway. Going around the block was also complicated by one way streets running this way and that. Navigating around the city requires a large dose of the Force.

Now all I need to do is work out where to hang 5 shirts during the week, and where to stash my shoes and suit and things. That's always the biggest problem.

No one ever said it would be easy.

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