Monday, 26 November 2007

Oh for crying out loud...

I know this is a strange thing to be reading, but I have been perusing the minutes of a committee that is looking at our local play space strategy. That is, it's all about playgrounds. I'm vaguely interested in this because the monkey likes to play in playgrounds, and no trip to the supermarket is complete these days without a side trip to the playground outside the supermarket.

Devious bastards, those supermarket people. Getting a playground built right outside their front door.

Anyway, I'm reading the minutes and out pops this classis gem:

Wendy felt that the photos of children in the strategy did not show enough of our multicultural society and that the picture on the cover should show parents and children in a more natural environment.

Oh for crying out loud - we are not living in a multicultural area around here. The census results tell me that the locals are 15% Italian and about 9% Greek and the rest are what I'd call Europeans of one sort or another. I've chatted to the mums at one of our local playgrounds and one is Irish and the other Russian and the rest are all something-generation Australians.

A quick perusal of those shopping or working at the local supermarket shows that the local Asian population is about 0.000%. The local African or Aboriginal population is about 0.0000%. We've got a few Indians, but overwhelmingly, it's a wog suburb. I fit in like a charm, since I look like a wog, and am sometimes mistaken for one. Everytime that happens, I check my back for hairs.

Anyway, there is this woman Wendy Shepherd, from Macquarie Uni of all places, saying that the photos should look more multicultural.

Sorry lady, but this area is mono-cultural. The dominant form here is wog culture, and you'd better get used to it. It's not Anglo-Irish. It's not a bunch of nasty white invaders. It's men with hairy backs that are fond of wearing singlets and drinking espresso.

How can people be so welded onto an ideology (like multiculturalism) that they fail to percieve the real world around them?

What really shits me is that this play space committee has been dragging on for months, and it still isn't complete, yet we have a couple of show-ponies on the committee who seem to be doing little but trying to score points in the media and doing stuff-all to provide my monkey with useable playgrounds.

It just goes to show that you should never appoint anyone to a committee that wants to be on a committee.

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