Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Headphones are thy friend

Another nightmare on the bus tonight. I am so glad I can start cycling again from tomorrow. Apart from having to wait 25 minutes for a bus (did you realise that time moves 10 times more slowly in a bus queue?), I got a seat and then a madwoman sat down in front of me.

Thank goodness there was a nice woman sitting next to the madwoman, and she diverted her attention all the way home. She sat there, politely nodding her head and saying "yes" every now and then while Her Madness just prattled on about this and that and something else, obviously desperately in need of someone to talk to.

She finally hopped off the bus at a shopping centre on the route home, and I noticed she was wearing tracksuit pants. Dead give away. The only women over the age of 50 that wear tracksuit pants in public are the insane.

It also explained why I could smell wee all the way up to the point where she got off the bus.

That was a close call. If I ever catch the bus again, I am taking a set of headphones with me. Even if I have nothing to plug them into, I'll just stick them in my ears and act like I've got something to headbang to. Cheaper than buying an iPod.

You know what really stuck in my craw? I could not stop her prattle from entering my head. I should be able to sit back and relax and block out the outside world in most situations, but she just cut right through my defences. I don't know what it was about her, but there was no keeping her out. Is madness contagious? Is this how it spreads?

No wonder people want to drive their own car.

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