Sunday 31 August 2008

Riding to Disneyland

A perhaps uncommon view of Sydney. There are many places around the harbour to take a photo of the city, but most of the ones that you see published all the time seem to be taken from the same few spots. This one was taken from a ferry wharf in somewhere or another around Drummoyne (navigation is not one of my strong points).

The houses around this area all sell for multiples of millions of dollars, all thanks to the view. The houses themselves are nothing to look at. Check out this place - I bet he asked his architect to build him a castle. I wonder if he keeps a pot of boiling oil on the balcony to repel Mormons.

Here we have Santa's grotto. You wouldn't want to come out of the garage a bit too quickly.

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Anonymous said...

In the 70's I used to catch a ferry to work in the CBD. It was often quicker because of massive traffic jams thru Iron Cove and Darling Harbour on Victoria Rd, which used to emerge beside the Town Hall on George St.

I knew all the wharves then. This looks very familiar.