Sunday 3 August 2008

Frangers help to kill Taliban

Private Anthony Carruthers from the Reconstruction Task Force patrols a vital rat line in which Taliban Extremists use as a supply route near Baluchi, Afghanistan.

Check out what is on the end of the barrel on his gat - is that what I think it is? If so, sensible man.

Good hunting.


kae said...

Boy, that's a good way to keep the sand out.

he he

Paco said...

Those are some tough looking hombres. If I were a Taliban and those guys got the drop on me, I'd stomp on my Koran and begin testifyin' for Jesus on the spot - and I'd mean it, too.

Boy on a bike said...

Praise Jesus, Paco, praise Jesus. You are on the money there.

Speaking of tough, note that although the Minimi has a sling attached, it is not slung over his shoulder. Tough guys never use a sling to carry a machinegun. That's why God invented biceps.