Friday 22 August 2008

Scorched.TV is a crock of crap

What a pile of badly put together crap.

On the advice of Tim Blair, I decided to shoot a short clip of the rain falling in our backyard, and the water puddling on the lawn and turning it into an impassable swamp.

I tried to upload my clip to scorched. No matter what link I clicked on anywhere in the website (like the one below that says UPLOAD VIDEO), up pops.... guess what?

A stupid pop-up box inviting you to send an email. How are you supposed to upload a fucking video clip using an email box that does not allow you to attach an attachment?

As a fucking idiot put it some time ago, these people are cretans.

PS - the sand pit is now a mud pit. It looks like I won't get to have my daily ride today because it is just too WET and fucking DAMP and NOT DRY out there for it to be pleasant.


Anonymous said...

'Scorched? Been there done that.

12 years ago Sydney was ringed by bushfires, hysterical press showed cars stopped north of Sydney captioned, 'Residents roasted alive as they try to flee...'. This was broadcast on CNN.

My wife's sister rang from the Caribean, 'We just saw the disaster on the news!'.

Actually I pity the writer given the assignment to find a dramatic angle on 'climate change'. As in Day After Tomorrow, it just shows how confused it all is when a creative mind tries to think it through: warm -> cold, ummm ice-age (man made)? Sudden-like? Then what? (hero miraculously eludes frozen death, which sends what message? believe in miracles? etc etc).

Anonymous said...

Oops, Caribbean (always have trouble with that).

Boy on a bike said...


I remember sitting in an apartment, 15 floors above the ground at Bondi Junction, drinking beer on the balcony and watching the horizon glow from end to end.

And fielding phonecalls from panicked people elsewhere who had seen catastrophe on the news. When I told them I was having a few cold ones and enjoying the view, they calmed down.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scorched fans and critics.

OK, we'd love to have had an upload Content management System, but we simply didn't have the budget. How much do you reckon it cost to build Youtube?

So, we do have a way for you to upload your video and we would really love to see it. We've been getting some really cool videos. Check out the wacky Second Life video someone has made in story that is up on - Cassie eats Urine Hydranger salad (no idea how to spell hydranger...)

What you need to do is simply upload your video to blip and send me the link. I can then upload it to the site within an hour or two. We're getting heaps of hits and loads of views. Plus, the movie we made is going to air on Nine this Sun Aug 31st at 8.30pm.

Really hope you upload. Send the link to

Plus, there's some pretty cool new Vlogs from Cassie, check out Episode 11. Now there are Ghosts.

Producer and Director