Thursday 14 August 2008

More on railway carparks

Here are three aerial photos of the carparks at Meadowbank Railway station and Concord Hospital. I have not changed the scale when moving from one photo to another, so the size of the carparks is directly comparable.

The first is the railway carpark - it is in the middle of the photo just below the yellow lines.

Here is Concord Hospital and its carpark.

I tried cutting and pasting the railway carpark into the hospital carpark - with my inexact non-photoshop software tools, I found that it would go in roughly 35 times.

I am sure though that if you told the nurses to catch a train home at 2am, they'd lock you up in one of the mental wards.

Another sound reason why cars rule the planet, and those that think otherwise should visit Concord for a refill on their medication.


kae said...

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?

Same with your bleat about carparks.

I think you're supposed to catch the bus to the railway station, which brings on a whole new raft of problems.

It's the same up here, not enough parking even if you want to catch public transport.

And parking in the city is getting dearer.

And charging people to park at the hospital is dreadful, espcially when it's something like $10 if you're over a couple of hours. Too bad if you have a long appointment with a specialist.

kae said...

Thank god I work where I work. I have street parking for about $20/fortnight I think. If you want to park in the multi level carpark it's over $10/day (the maximum was $10, but I think it's more now).
A fortnightly pass for the multi level carpark is $30, but we can sal-sacrifice it.
As I drive about 83k's each way per day public transport isn't an option for me (and I hate public transport), it'd take me an extra 40 mintues on my 1hour 20 minute trip!

Boy on a bike said...

In transport speak, people hating changing modes. They can't stand walking to a bus stop, then catching the bus to a train station, then waiting for a train. It's too much to ask. People will wait for a bus, or wait for a train, but generally not both together.

At least if you drive to the station, your car is right out the front of your house, it leaves when you want it to and you aren't stuck, standing on the side of the road in the rain for 15 minutes whilst waiting for a bus.

kae said...

For me to public transport it to work I would need to drive 30k and park, catch a train, catch another train, then catch a bus, then walk across campus. Then have to do it in reverse to get home. Over two hours worth of travel.

I'll drive thanks.