Friday 1 August 2008

The office of Climate Change is so behind the times

I had a quick look at the factsheets being promoted by the Office of Climate Change.

I clicked on this one:

What is causing the rainfall declines over southern Australia - ozone, climate variability or climate change?

That took me to a site call the Indian Ocean Climate Initiative.

Interestingly enough, nothing at that site seems to have been updated since 2005. Check this graph out for instance - notice the data ends in 2005.

Check out the dates on these publications:

  • Partners agree in principle on membership and mission for stage 2 of IOCI, Bulletin No. 1, 23 May 2003
  • IOCI sets path to unravelling change in Region's climate, Bulletin No. 2, 21 August 2003
  • Bright start reported for the second stage of IOCI's Climate Program, Bulletin No. 3, 5 December 2003
  • 18th Panel Meeting sets agenda to broaden dialogue on climate change, Bulletin No. 4, 15 May 2004
  • Large weather patterns and climate trend - Path to better understanding, Bulletin No. 5, 17 August 2004
  • IOCI reports key findings of recent research into south-western climate, Bulletin No. 6, 15 August 2005
Good to see that the most up to date information is being used to make the case for climate change.

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