Tuesday 5 August 2008

Not hearing Penny Wong discuss CRAP

I have just returned from failing to get into the Petersham RSL to see Penny Wong, Minister for Destroying the Economy, er, Climate Change, talk about the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. There were 10 or so people queued up out the front, and the guard was turning people away as the room she was doing the talk in was already full.

Don't get your hopes up - the security guard told one complaining queue-er that, "It's not our fault - this is a small RSL. The person doing the booking should have found a bigger place".

The booking was of course made by Anthony Albanese - Minister for Infrastructure.

Oh, the irony in that. The Grand Poo-bah in charge of Australia's infrastructure can't even get the planning for a simple talk in the suburbs right. Would you trust this man to fix up the Pacific Highway?

Did I ride my bike there?

Hell no.

I drove the 4WD.

Just think on that Penny and Anthony - I made a wasted trip in my gas-guzzler (diesel-guzzler actually) because you couldn't get some simple infrastructure (room) sizing right. Oh woe, think of the planet! Think of the polar bears. Think of the fact that I am home in time to watch NCIS, even if it is a repeat.

[No baby fur seals were harmed in the making of this blog post].



Why did I not ride my bike?

No bike lanes between here and there.

No secure bike parking at the RSL.

Really, really crap road surfaces (which is one reason why I have a 4WD).

Bad lighting - dangerous for cyclists.

In short, completely crap infrastructure for cycling. That's infrastructure, Mr Albanese. Do I need to spell it out for you?


kae said...

Cut it out, Boy.

You're not fooling anyone.

You're GLAD you didn't get in, you'd have been so cranky you'da exploded in there!

bikeonaboy said...

Never mind the exploding inside. I almost popped at the wierd-beard eco-freaks out the front handing out "save the planet" literature; full colour on glossy paper of course.