Thursday 14 August 2008

Baking bloodnuts

Oops, that should read "baking ginger cookies", which is kind of the same thing. I bought a balanced set of books the other day - one was "Running the war in Iraq", which does not appear to be listed on Amazon, and another was a Marie Claire cookbook. As I was plowing my way through Iraq, J flicked through the cookbook and left a series of sticky notes attached to various pages. It's funny how she got through 9 months of pregnancy with hardly any cravings, but now that the little fellow has arrived, she suddenly wants all sorts of things.

Last week, I was baking a chocolate cake with espresso syrup. That was excellent. Then there was a request for a lemon curd cake, which I have not delivered on yet. But I could deliver on ginger snaps (I guess the term "gingernut" is trademarked), and have been churning out a batch every second day since we got the book.

I have been trying to discover how much ginger in a ginger biscuit is too much ginger. The recipe wants 1 tablespoon of glace ginger - I am up to triple that, with not ill effects on the bikkies.

I am not much of a cookie baker by the way. My last effort looked like badly flattened dog turds.

"Running the war in Iraq", by Major General Jim Molan, is a good read by the way. Hat tip to Habib - his bodyguard didn't like the idea of the General carting a rifle around. It made them nervous! Like I said, get yourself a Webley and a moustache.

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