Tuesday 5 August 2008

Blogging one handed

My posting slowed down a bit last week because our family went from requiring 4 bikes to 5. J delivered a healthy 4.1kg boy the week before last, and both came home a week ago today. I am typing this with one hand as I am holding the little sleeping squishy fellow with my other hand. We now have three boys, which means keeping on top of the shopping and cooking and washing and shopping is a bit of an effort.

But don't they grow up fast? Junior is no longer a boy, and Monkey is no longer a baby.

And in case you are wondering how we will spend the baby bonus, I can assure you that a new TV is not on the cards. We definitely will need a bigger fridge in the next 6 months, but the rest will go on nappies and power bills and laundry powder and paying the council fee for a bigger bin and stuff like that.

Life is good.

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