Monday 25 August 2008

Rodd Island

This post may only be of passing interest if you are keen on death to rabbits.

Rodd Island was originally used as a research station for studying the use of chicken cholera to kill rabbits. I ride past it everytime I go around the Bay, and I finally stopped this week to read a plaque on the foreshore that tells you some useless information that can be trotted out at dinner parties.

I'm not sure how deep the water is out there. You could probably walk halfway to it at low tide.


Anonymous said...

Thanks BOAB, that island is one of the landmarks of my childhood, never went there, always fantasised how I could escape to live on such an island - one day.

I'm keeping this pic in my 'special' file, its a beauty.

Boy on a bike said...

Yeah, I often think that I should just take the kayak across with a tent and a sleeping bag and some vittals and just enjoy a week of loafing there.