Tuesday 5 August 2008

Does this explain everything that is wrong about Gaza?

Death by mango, from the SMH.

I normally find Paul McGeough to be a complete pillock when it comes to reporting from the Middle East, but in this instance, he appears to have just stuck to writing it as it happened. Either that, or it started out as one of the usual SMH rants against the evils of our immigration detention system and the heartlessness of those that sit on our Migration Review Tribunals, and then someone went, "Hang on, let's think about this for a minute".

  • One man murders another because he can't make change to buy a mango
  • Instead of going to the Police or relying on the justice system, the murdered man's clan declares war on the murderer's clan, leaving 29 dead and 60 wounded (these people are all armed with AK-47's and RPG's remember)
  • Businesses and homes are destroyed
  • Women are locked up
  • This is one of hundreds of clan fueds in Gaza
  • They believe in dividing up Government ministries based on the "spoils" system
So, we have people that don't believe in the rule of law, have no concept of how a modern government should function, have complete disregard for what we would deem a workable system of justice and who kill each other at the drop of a hat, and then get the rest of their family to get involved in killing as well.

In short, a bunch of mysoginistic, neanderthal murders.

My question is this - what the fuck was Akram al-Masri doing in Australia in the first place? What fucking fruitloop thought it a good idea to let a knuckledragger like him into the country? I'm just glad he got booted when he did. These are not my idea of the sort of people that I want to live next door to.

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