Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Why blame us?

I am sick to death of fucking loons blaming the poverty of places like Cuba and Africa on "The West" in general, and the English speaking part of the west in particular.

Why are we well off?

Because we have a good system of government that is not perfect, but it does the job. We have a clean justice system that creaks, but works. We have functioning transport systems, water networks, electricity networks, health systems, education systems, air traffic control systems, a banking system, warehousing and distributions sytems, a solid legal framework and all the other stuff that we forget about, but surrounds us in our everyday lives.

So just how did we "make Africa poor?" Did some nasty person go to Nairobi and go, "Oh look, a nine storey hospital - I am going to steal that and put it in Melbourne". Did someone else visit Darfur and go, "Wow, they have lots of freeways here. I am going to take them and put them in L.A.".

Did hordes of merchant bankers go charging across the Serengeti, pillaging steel mills and judges and case law and contracts and curriculums and central bankers and dams and bridges and ports and 15kv power lines and train tracks and airports and lighthouses and entertainment centres and football ovals and office blocks and traffic lights and.....all the rest of it?

I think not.

The Russians tried to do something like that to Germany in 1945, and they pretty much laid waste to the place... and look at it now. We managed to bomb and shell and shoot up just about all their plant and infrastructure, and then stole what was left, and the bloody place shot up again like a weed.

Why is that?

Maybe being poor has nothing to do with having your oil or gold or ivory or diamonds "stolen" by the west. Maybe it has to do with the way you organise yourselves. You organise yourselves any way you want. We'll stick to democractic capitalism, you sort out how you prefer to run things. If you end up rich and fat, good luck to you. If you end up on the bones of your arse, blame yourselves, not us.

As I have learnt to say in another forum: "SUCK MY NUTS".

And give us back our aid, you fucking leeches.

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