Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Some photos of stuff

A local park, covered in mist, not long after dawn. With a bird running around looking for grub.

Sunrise over the city.

Even more sunrise.

This is Le Montage. The banners are there to celebrate it being open 10 years.

Dear Cripes, is this place only 10 years old? It's so hideous and ugly, I was sure it was more like a throwback to the '80's.

The statue of a digger at the Anzac Bridge. I ride past him twice a day, but rarely stop and just sit there for a minute in quiet contemplation. But I did so this morning.

"Hey Captain, I don't think we are going to fit through this bridge".

Want to understand why Earth Hour is going to be such a flop? This photo shows the latest arrivals at the car dock in White Bay. I have never seen it so full. We are so in love with our cars, we are buying them in ever increasing numbers. I don't see too many Smart cars down there, but you often see a few rows of Hummers.

The going home parade through Pyrmont - me chasing three other riders. The bloke in the middle distance was brutally quick - especially going up hill. Thanks to the wonder of red lights, I managed to almost catch him twice - just as I almost caught him, the light would go green and off he'd race. My last sighting of him was going down Lilyfield Rd, with him doing about 80 down the incline - a small spot in the distance, receding with every second.

Twerp of the day - this cock has his helmet dangling over his handle bars. I can understand not bothering to take your helmet with you at all (the leave it at home option), but why buy one, take it riding and then not fucking wear it? I have crashed my bike on the Anzac Bridge - just because you are not on the road, it doesn't mean you can't crack your scone on the concrete.


At the other end of the spectrum, Ms Safety Concious. I like cyclists who wear lots of reflective stuff... because when I am tearing down hills in the dark in winter, I'll be less likely to careen up their bum.

Boats. Rowing boats. Delightful weather for it too.

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