Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Early morning kick off

Curse having to be at my desk at 8am.... for meetings that are supposed to happen, but no one else shows up apart from moi. That means getting up around 6am, fluffing around for about half an hour, getting on the bike, riding for 40 minutes, showering and shaving and getting dressed for work (15 minutes) and then wolfing down a quick breakfast (whatever time is left over between tying my shoelaces and the meeting kicking off).

The outcome of all this is that I am starting to see more mornings like this.... which is really quite nice. Crawling out from under the covers at sparrow's does have some advantages.

This stretch of tramline should be renamed the "pigeon alleyway of death". I ride down here most days because it is a car free way to get across most of the city from west to east. One just had to avoid being squished by a tram or two, which isn't too hard, as they are big and slow and the drivers can't chase you if you get away from the tram lines. Which is nice.

This stretch is plagued by dopey, fat, useless feral pigeons. They are even more asleep at 6.45am than I am, so I have had plenty of near misses down this way. From time to time, I'll pass a blob of flattened feathers on the road that indicates an ex-pigeon that was a bit slow in getting out of the way of someone, but I have managed to avoid having any human/pigeon interaction to date. I don't fancy having one of the bastards taking off and flying straight into my face. If that happens, the CBD will be littered with dead feral flying rats from one end to the other.

For transport buffers, that spacey looking cylinder up on the left is a monorail station.

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