Sunday, 2 March 2008

Off with socks

Today was white sock cleanout day. I have managed to accumulate 12.5 pairs of fairly worn out and useless white socks. These are not all proper pairs - the sock monster has struck in many cases, so I have "made up" some pairs by matching socks that look similar, but are not the same.

I wear white socks when I ride. I don't know why they have to be predominantly white - must be a hangover from sports days at school. What shits me the most is that out of 25 socks shown here, almost every pair is different. It's not like I have 12 pairs of socks that are identical, and it doesn't matter if I lose half of them - I will still have matching pairs. No - those cunning sock selling bastards will only sell you mixed pairs, so losing one sock means buying a whole new pair.

I bought replacement socks today. In order to get around the above problem, I bought two packs of three socks. Each pack has a blue pair, a red pair and a black pair. My thinking was that as the packs were identical, I would have two identical blue pairs, two red pairs and two black pairs. At least if I lose one sock, I will still have three others that match, and can keep wearing them until I lose two more.

But no. The cunning sods struck again. When I unpacked them, I found that one pack came with a grey piping that the other was missing. So my pairs are not identical.


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