Monday, 24 March 2008


A most tragic photo. This is what happens when you ask someone to carry the wine sack, especially when the person doing the carrying is younger than the wine which the sack contains.

That is a bottle of Lake's Folly 1995 Cabernet, which I planned to drink on Saturday night at a rather fine restaurant. Ah well. It smelt so good, I almost drank some off the floor.

My disappointment at losing this bottle has been tempered by Google - I just did a bit of reading and found that the 1995 was rated only 83/100. That may be so, but I tell you this - it smelt fantastic when spread all over a dirty tiled floor.

I used to drop into Lake's Folly every year or so to pick up as many bottles as they'd let me buy (there was always a per head limit on the number that you could get, so the trick was to pack the car with non-wine snobs and add their quota to your purchase). I gave that up when Mr Lake sold out. They may still be making smashing wine up there (no pun intended), but half the fun of buying it was the ambience of knowing that you were buying from a boutique, quality producer.

I think that is my last bottle of Folly. That closes the end of a wine buying era for me.

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