Sunday, 2 March 2008

Clover and her magnificent stupidity

If you happen to hear any news from NSW, you might be aware that we are lumbered with a putrefying albatros of a government. It has the Midas touch - in reverse. Everything it touches turns to shit. Health, education, little abused kiddies, transport and now property development.

And we are stuck with them for another 3 years, because Clover Moore, in a spark of absolute stupidity, strong armed a former government into legislating fixed four year terms.

Clover's finest hour is called the "Charter of reform of government", and she foisted it on us along with two other independents - Tony Windsor and Peter McDonald.

May all three of them rot in hell.

I wonder how long it will be before the media (especially the Daily Telegraph) picks up on the fact that this useless pack of nuf-nufs is essentially unremoveable and decides to rip into our three holier-than-thou independents?

Probably forever.

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