Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Producing good TV is as easy as ABC

The CPSU is in a lather again about proposed job cuts at the ABC.

To quote the union:

"We've got a director of TV who is beholden to the private sector and determined to outsource," Mr Thompson said.

"The demand for internal labour is going down."

I can't understand the idea that the only way to produce TV is to do it in-house using salaried staff. What is so sacred about protecting some jobs at the ABC so that TV can be produced by ABC staff?

Crikey, even the Chinese get it these days. Remember the saying, "It doesn't matter what colour the cat is - so long as it catches mice"?

I don't care how my TV is produced - so long as it is watchable. I will happily kick the ABC in the shins for showing shit, but it makes no difference to me whether that shit was produced in house or not. I care about the output, not the inputs.

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