Friday, 28 March 2008

Lego and Star Wars

Junior has been taking some photos of his Lego. Enjoy.

Is this one great or what? Love the shadow of Vader in the background behind scarface.


Anonymous said...

"Boy on a Bike, you will pay for what you did to my father."

"No, Junior. I am your father."

"Then turn from the dark side, join me in the 4WD. I can still sense a deisel driver in you."

"Foolish Junior. But what is this I sense? A monkey? Perhaps if you will not turn to cycling and blogging, he will. J was wise to keep him from me."

Anonymous said...

Does that make J Natalie Portman? Hot.

Clever shot. How old is Junior? Kids these days are born with a chip in their heads whereas we the ageing just develop them on our shoulders.

Boy on a bike said...

Junior is 12, and has more artistic ability in his big toe than I have in my entire body.

He has created entire diaramas out of lego that are just too much for words.