Sunday, 2 March 2008


They're hard to spot in this photo, but there are a couple of boatloads of rowers out there on the water. It's not long after the sun has started to peep above the horizon, and they've been outon the water for a while. Certainly longer than I have been on my bike.

Ah, the sun poking out over the city. Kind of looks a bit like a nuklear fireball in a way.

More rowers, this time a few crews heading out from the sheds (which are just to the right of the photo). It's alright for the crews - after a few strokes, they'll be nice and warm, but the coaches in the speedboats will spend the entire training session freezing their nads off.

They're a tiny little speck, but there is a rowing crew out in the middle of the harbour there somewhere. It's a bit like one of those old newspaper competitions where you had to find the football.

Rowing - a sport that requires a bucketload of commitment. More than me cycling, since it is only me that has to get out of bed. An eight requires 8 rowers, a cox and a coach to get out of bed on time and be at training on time for every single training session. A football team can train with a few members missing. A boat crew is screwed if one person fails to show.

It's why I always think of it as one of the ultimate teamwork and commitment sports.

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