Monday, 24 March 2008

Amongst the little people

During our Canberra sojourn, we spent half a day at Cockington Green, which is a minature village that is perfect for amusing adults and kids alike. I spent the day waiting for a Hot Fuzz style car chase to develop, but had to put up with trying to spot amusing scenes and riding the model railway.

Here for instance we have what looks like a group of Scouts on a camping trip.

But what on earth are these two up to?

Then there is the field of cricket players, with one fielder getting a wet leg.

I love this one - a bloke sitting on the dunny reading the paper with the door open.

Then there is the sunken houseboat.

The sign says it all.

The only way to get out of the place is to go through the cafe and souvenier shop, so we just had to stop for some scones with jam and cream. I was hoping for scones straight out of the oven and a little silver thing full of cream and a plate of jam, but instead they stick some scones in a plastic tub and put in a plastic tub of jam and another of whipped cream. It was still alright, but the ambience was squashed flat.

I was also hoping for a proper pot of tea, but they gave me a mug, plonked a tea bag in it and pointed me at an urn of hot water. I don't think the English would do it that way.

The steam train is an anorak's delight. We did a couple of laps on this thing, which topped out at around 6 kmh, but then who wants to go speeding past a display of Mickey Mouse and Tweety Bird?

It appeared to need regular greasing - just like the real thing. The track was liberally smeared with grease where all the too-liberally applied stuff had globbed off and stuck to the rails.

Greasing in action.

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