Sunday, 30 March 2008

Channel 7 and the environmental warriors

Channel 7 loves to jump onto the environmental bandwagon from time to time. They love to preach (thinking that it will drive up ratings I guess), but they are pretty hopeless when it comes to practice.

This will show how much TV I watch these days - is Today Tonight on Channel 7? I have close to no idea. What I do know is that shows like that love to rant about bad driving habits.

So how does this grab you.

This morning (Sunday), I am driving over the Anzac Bridge towards the city. It's a 60 zone (but no one obeys the limit). Next thing, I have this fucking enormous 4WD right up my arse - he must have been doing 100 to catch me - and there is a big Channel 7 logo plastered over the bonnet. It also had a big broadcast aerial up on the room, which made it look like it would tip over in the slightest of cross winds.

A gap opened up beside me, and this guy gave up tailgating me, shot across the lane without indicating, tore up the road and then started tailgating another bloke up ahead.

So in 30 seconds, I witnessed:

  • A supposedly "green" TV station using fuel guzzling, heavily polluting trucks
  • The same truck being driven in a way guaranteed to chew lots of juice
  • Dangerous and stupid driving in an unforgiving vehicle, by a station that preaches road safety
In short, I witnessed a grab bag of twatism. That's my word for the day - twatism.

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