Friday, 7 March 2008

Odd sights

When I spotted this woman, I thought she had a very colourful paint job on her bike. On closer inspection, it turned out that every inch of her bike was covered in "no whaling" type stickers. Every pet cause was represented there, including a climate change sticker on her helmet.

I guess it's there to hold the tinfoil in place.

Then there was monkey-boy, which is what I call the idiots that ride around on no-gear bikes that are nine sizes too small for them. This fat bastard, who is not wearing a helmet, was spotted "racing" around the Bay.... which meant that he would pedal like crazy for 20 metres, then sit down and cruise whilst he got his breathe back. I had to brake to take this photo. He'll obviously grow up to buy a WRX with phat rims and a spoiler. Idiot.

Interesting sview on the power under the hood of this beast. This is on a Toyota ute by the way.

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