Sunday, 2 March 2008

Living next door to David

I do not have David Hicks as a neighbour, but he's reasonably close. According to the SMH, he is living just up the road in Abbotsford. That's the suburb next to ours, and I ride through there a couple of times a day.

Two interesting snippets from the sotry.

  1. He is reporting to a police station. Given that ours is the closest, it would make sense for him to drop in here. That means I might bump into him on the way to the supermarket, since Plod are right next door to our local supermarket.
  2. He has applied for a learners permit. Now that really worries me, as our quiet suburb is a favourite with driving instructors as a place for teaching the hopeless how to drive. Mixing it up with learner drivers is always a challenge, but now I have to be prepared to ride with someone who is short, mad, stupid and suicidal - and in charge of a vehicle.
Note to self - do not give the finger to any learner drivers for a while.

Is he planning to become our first VBIED?

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