Sunday, 9 March 2008

A day at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is not one of my most favourite spots. It might be on the water, but it has no beach or waves. It has little grass. The shopping centre is wall to wall tack and the food court will leave you five minutes away from a heart attack. Grossly fat couples waddle up and down the promenade, stopping every few minutes for another bowl of chips or an enormous ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, here is nearly $24 worth of ice cream. I will never complain again about going down to Balmain and spending $10 on a big tub of the gourmet stuff.

Although this stuff was pretty gourmet - Belgian chocolate, vanilla (made with proper bits of vanilla) and an excellent peppermint version. The waffle cones were also made on the spot. Even though it cost and arm and half a leg, it was excellent.

There was a big powerboat race on the Harbour today - which we missed. However, they had a smaller version with four runabouts zipping around Darling Harbour. I think they were promoting boats that could take you out for a close up view of the race - for a small fortune.

These little suckers were fast. It was a small, tight course, and they hammered around it with gusto.

Between races, they'd pull tricks like this one. I heard an announcer say something about "leaving the boat just on the prop" - whatever that meant.

By the way, this boat is advertising "erotic massage", which is what bliss is all about.

Yes, they really were getting the nose up out of the water.

This is what one of the big boats on the harbour looked like (stole this from a newspaper).

We had a little cruise around a pond on some paddle boats. Putting the paddles into reverse in a hurry stirred up the bottom, and guess what popped up - a flubble of McDonalds drink containers.

Outside Home nightclub about 2pm - a patron having a "nap" in one of the comfy chairs.

Spotted this on the way out - a wogged up Mitsubishi something-or-other with phat rims and a number plate saying "WHATDA". I think that WHODA would have be more appropriate, as in "who the fuck would be stupid enough to do this to a nice car?"

Spotted this on the way home. It's an electric scooter. I read about these in some motor magazine the other day. Because it is so underpowered, you don't have to register it. The bloke that reviewed it said that it was so slow and undergrunted, it was terrifying, and he took it back to the dealer after two days. He was going up this shallow incline so slowly, even I would have overtaken him if I was on the bike.

A half reasonable idea very badly executed.

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