Wednesday 16 December 2009

A typically impatient and stupid taxi driver

I ride around The Rocks a lot. The Rocks is prime tourist real estate. It's old - well, old for Australia - and kind of quaint and cute and limestoney. I always ride slowly and carefully, because the quaint old architecture attracts hordes of tourists, and everyone knows that when you sling an SLR camera around your neck, you turn into a moron.

Whenever I pass up and down the streets of The Rocks, my travels are impeded by stupid tourists meandering across the road without any thought about passing traffic. It's like they think, "Hey, quaint old part of town. People here must get around by horse and cart". As the tourist companies bring them in by the bus load, there are generally bus loads of window lickers wandering about having forgotten every rule of "look left, look right etc" that has been drummed into them since kids.

So like I said, I ride slowly, and I am always ready to brake or swerve around anywhere from one to a pack of 10 fools. They're on holiday. I don't want to spoil it by running them down.

In this video, you can see a few members of the stupid species crossing in front of me without looking up or down the street, or crossing with their back to the traffic. I'm doing my best to avoid them when an idiot in a taxi zooms past me (with barely any clearance) and then stops right in front of me to let his passengers out. Would it have killed him to sit behind me for 4 or 5 seconds?

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