Saturday 19 December 2009

How thick is this?

As a cyclist, I cop a fair amount of grief from a certain type of motorist (aggressive, "I own the road" idiots). It doesn't matter if I am riding in a marked bike lane, or have right of way at a set of lights, a roundabout or a Stop sign - some motorists believe that the rules don't apply to them. Of course the counter argument is made that some cyclists behave in exactly the same way - and they do. I see it every day. However, as I see a lot more cyclists than most motorists, I can tell you that they are a small minority.

There is also a minority of motorists who are as thick as two short planks. The driver of the car in this clip came out of the road that leads to La Montage (a function centre overlooking the water) and thought that if she turned right, she'd be able to take a short cut onto the City West Link.

Utter. Fail. Watch as she blasts through a Stop sign without so much as slowing down, and drives along what I think is a fairly well marked cycle path. Only when she gets to the end does she realise that she has screwed up Big Time.

I laughed like Nelson (from the Simpsons). Har har.

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